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Republic of Lithuania

Vilnius Country Waste Management System Development

Financing Agency: European Commission: ISPA / Cohesion Fund 

Project Period: Dec 2004 – Dec 2009

Services Provided: 

  • advise on the preparation of the Tender Dossier and assistance in any contract negotiations
  • field inspection to verify conformity of documentation,
  • preparation of maintenance programme,
  • provision of on-the-job training in contract supervision and management to “VAATC” staff,
  • procurement procedures and financial project monitoring,
  • institutional strengthening including technology transfer and training,
  • issuance of taking over certificates for substantial completion and review of construction and as – built drawings


Technical Data:

New Regional Landfill “Kazokiske”:

Construction of new Landfill (first stage 90,000 m²; final stage 360,000 m²) inclusive all needed facilities like Administration- Maintenance- Storage Buildings, Weight-bridges, Gas- and Leachate- Collecting System and Bypass Road;

Access Road to new Landfill

Construction of 6 km Access Road;

Closure of 110 old dumpsites in the whole Vilnius County:

Covering of dumpsites, establishment of monitoring facilities and water collecting systems;

Closure of 7 Medium Landfills:

Covering of Landfills, establishment of monitoring facilities and water collecting systems;

Establishment of 110 drop off centres

Drop off centres for collecting domestic garbage and recyclable waste;

Establishment of 14 amenity sites

Amenity sites to collect bulky, recyclable, electronic and semi hazardous waste.

Closure of Kariotiskes landfill

Covering of Landfill, establishment of gas- and leachate collecting and treatment system, monitoring facilities and surface water collecting systems